Your Baby and Eczema

We’ve talked about eczema and how a good skincare regime can help manage the condition, but what happens when your baby gets it?

Hydration for your Baby

Moisturising your baby may not be a top priority for most mothers as a baby’s soft skin is often assumed to be hydrated enough. This often leads to a lack of moisture in a baby’s skin.

Skin Repair During Sleep

Some of us have heard about skin being repaired while we sleep. How exactly does this happen and what exactly does our skin do as we sleep?

What Is Skin Confidence?

Women of today assume multiple roles and responsibilities, and confidence is necessary in helping a woman achieve her fullest potential in every aspect of her daily life. Confidence comes in many forms, and this includes skin confidence.

What Is a Cetaphil Woman?

There are many definitions of a woman, and each definition rings true for different women.
The Cetaphil Woman is one who is confident and comfortable in her own skin by providing it with the best care and attention.

Baby Shower Done Right

When done properly, bath time can be a fun and good way to bond with your baby and ensure their skin is healthy.